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Import yaml template zabbix

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Zabbix Template export and import functionality can benefit you with simple configuration backup, or simply if you want to migrate your templates to any othe. For practical application of the above construction is necessary: Download the archive with the script and template import template Zabbix >, Put scripts ilo_discovery.pl ipmi_proliant.pl and the folder specified as storage. To deploy Zabbix, perform the following tasks: Install base Ubuntu 14.04 with SSH service and set appropriate FQDN. Install puppet agent package: apt-get update; apt-get install -y puppet. Enable puppet agent: puppet agent --enable. Run the Jenkins Master deployment: FACTER_ROLE=zbxserver FACTER_LOCATION=us1 puppet agent -tvd \ --server puppet. zabbix-review-export-import / zabbix-export.py / Jump to Code definitions remove_none Function get_zabbix_connection Function order_data Function dumps_json Function convert_to_yaml_without_none Function represent_dict_order Function dump_xml Function main Function export Function environ_or_required Function parse_args Function init_logging. Zabbix engineers are relatively easy to hire ... YAML format: easy to edit and understand See the difference when importing a new version of existing template. TAGS FOR CLASSIFICATION Supported for templates, hosts, host prototypes, triggers Item applications are replaced by tags.

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Zabbix Handy Tips - is byte-sized news for busy techies, focused on one particular topic. In this video, we will take a look at the improved template import.

Import yaml template zabbix

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Now to create a Zabbix Template for the generic Huawei device. A new file template_HUAWEI-MIB.xml should have been created in the local folder. You can import this into the Zabbix →. .

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